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Highly recommended: "Catalonia independence for business lights is best economic option all round" (The Guardian)

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We recommend the article "Catalonia independence for business lights is best economic option all round" by Jon Henley published on The Guardian.

Some excerpts:

(...) Over the past 10 years, the businessmen claim, Catalonia has paid nearly twice as much into Spanish coffers as the EU. "It's not that we don't want to contribute," says Canadell. "But we don't want to contribute to a model that doesn't work, and that is counter-productive to our model."

The Catalan economy, says De Porrate, is "compressed – cramped by the fiscal deficit with Spain, the lack of infrastructure, the fact that everything Madrid spends is invested politically, like bailing out Bankia, rather than economically. Profitability is not a word Madrid understands."

(...) Perhaps more controversially, the group believes independence would be good not only for Catalonia but, longer term, for Spain and for the EU. "As soon as Spain doesn't have the Catalonian powerhouse, it will have to change," says De Porrete. "It will have to set about serious reforms, become efficient, think about productivity and profitability. You can't build an economy on tourism and the construction sector."

And a more efficient and competitive Spain, they continue, is clearly good for Europe and the euro. "An independent Catalonia is a huge opportunity, for Catalonia of course, but also for Spain, for Europe – for London," says Cabanas.

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